Why Contrast Is an Important Element in Web Design

Woman looking at computer laying out a website design

If you want to create the best web design, you need to use various elements like white space, shapes, colors, and typography. All of these are very important and a clear indication of how crucial it is to make your website stand out from the crowd. Syncing these elements together in a cohesive way is the main challenge. That’s why you want to focus on getting the best value and results. With that in mind, contrast is essential.

Selecting the right color will help make the images more appealing. They can spark certain emotions in the eyes of a user. This helps a lot, and it eliminates many of the concerns that might arise. One thing to consider here is that there are many different types of contrast, each with its very own set of specifics and things that you must consider.


Color Contrast

You need color contrast because it helps define your design and ensure you share the right vision and ideas. The truth is that color contrast goes beyond making the content readable on the page. It also shows that an element of the page is contrasting with others. Having a specific color pertain to a page element makes things more comfortable and convenient. It just eliminates concerns while pushing your experience to the next level in a rewarding and robust manner.

Just think about it, if the web page has mostly a yellow color theme, a yellow CTA button will end up lost in the entire design. In that case, you need a color that contrasts your main design to make it stand out. This is why you must play around with colors as you try to ensure that you obtain the best results and experience.


Shape Contrast

In web design, shapes are essential because they make it easy to identify specific objects. The shapes you will find on a website are designed to make certain elements stand out while making everything more comfortable to use and more cohesive. Icons, boxes, and various elements on a website tend to have different shapes, and they are all essential. In the case of a search engine, the search bar has a particular shape, and it stands out, so you know where the main feature is and what you need to do.

This is what happens in most cases; you need ways to differentiate essential aspects, and doing that can indeed make a huge difference. You can play around with shapes, but the most important thing on your website should always have priority, as that’s what will give you the best results every time.


Size Contrast

You also need to think about size contrast. Size contrast will help a lot, just because you can showcase the important elements. You can guide the customer towards specific topics, ideas, products, and so on. There’s a reason why the heading has a bigger font size on a page when compared to a paragraph. It just manages to stand out from the remaining text.

You can apply that to other website elements. Whenever you want customers to focus on a specific feature or thing, you want to make it large and easy to see. A similar thing can be seen regarding the size of a banner compared to any other website elements. Ensuring that your essential items stand out is crucial since you can make it easier for a customer to find relevant information. Playing around with size contrast can help make the user experience more engaging. In the end, everyone will get to enjoy the results.


Person on computer looking at website for new home, also showing website on tablet and smartphone

Alignment Contrast

It’s a good idea to have the right alignment contrast in the world of web design. After all, things end up having a better look when they line up properly. Every website can work with alignments differently; some use this with the idea of bringing some separation. Regardless of the situation, you want to focus on getting the right alignment as it helps bring in a more cohesive and professional experience.

When you want to use alignment to separate content blocks, make sure there’s a big difference. Without that, you will be showing that there’s an issue with the web design. Proper experimentation is always essential. If you go the creative, powerful route, that can make a huge difference every time, especially in the long term. That can be well worth the effort, especially if you want to differentiate something. Or you can line things up perfectly, so everything looks fantastic.


Make a Contrast Between Light and Dark Colors

You always want to try and make your web design as appealing as possible. Playing with contrast and coloring can help a lot, and it will give the type of results and benefits you may need. The best part is that you can adapt and adjust properly. You can play around with accents by making some elements darker to give that sense of contrast and difference. You can also increase the brightness near darker aspects too. This can actively help guide the user’s attention to the light, which might help better than you would expect.



We recommend you to use the power of contrast, as it can bring in excellent results and a fantastic set of benefits. You can guide the customer more and get him the support and help you need. The most crucial aspect here is to take your time, understand the situation and adapt accordingly. 

It’s an excellent idea to experiment with different types of contrast to enrich the user experience. Take your time and always focus on finding ways to make the entire experience better for your customers. It will greatly benefit your users’ experience while giving a sense of professionalism and guiding the customer on a fantastic journey!