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Top SEO Plugins to Help You Rank on Google

So you have a WordPress website… perfect! Do you have all of your meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords set for ranking on Google? Not sure what that is? No worries! The experts at Salt Manage can help you manage all of this on your WordPress website with the help of some top-notch SEO WordPress […]

Why Use WordPress For Your Small Business In 2020?

If you are a small business owner without a website, then it’s time to start thinking about a web development company that can help you get noticed. It’s a new decade after all! There’s no reason not to take the plunge, especially when WordPress is helping small business owners save money, time, and effort. Here’s […]

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

You could write volumes about the available digital marketing strategies that exist today. These volumes would also be filled with opinions about which ones are actually the best. But what is the truth? What are the most effective Kansas City digital marketing strategies? Do they reach national standards? To even be invited onto the same playing […]

How better SEO leads to better customer conversion

When running a website for your business you are constantly looking for ways to optimize it. With all of the varying optimization strategies it can become very confusing. When it comes to a local digital marketing company, KC looks to the professionals Salt Manage for web optimization advice. Which strategy should you choose? What is […]
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Is WordPress a Good CMS for Non-Blog Websites?

The common misconception is that only bloggers and individuals use WordPress. However, the truth is that several integrations make WordPress one of the best content management systems (CMS) for business and publishing. If you are in e-commerce, you will learn that WooCommerce can help you take customer payments and make your website into an e-commerce […]
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Easily Redirect a URL in WordPress

As business owners, we are always trying to make our pages and content better, and sometimes that means that we have to move pages and content around our WordPress website. These moved pages can result in broken links and 404 Errors. We want to make sure that the user can always find what they are […]