Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

You could write volumes about the available digital marketing strategies that exist today. These volumes would also be filled with opinions about which ones are actually the best. But what is the truth? What are the most effective Kansas City digital marketing strategies? Do they reach national standards?

To even be invited onto the same playing field as everyone else, you need to focus in on these key areas in 2020. These are the standards now and for the years to come. So what do you need to know about each strategy?

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1. SEO

SEO is at the heart of digital marketing – in other words, it’s the most important part of it. Google’s algorithm can be confusing, but if you understand the underlying concept of it, then you’ll find it much easier to work with.

To truly succeed and outshine your competitors, you should hire an SEO expert to manage SEO for you. While you can learn some of the basics yourself, it’s best to have an expert at your side who has worked at it for a long while to help you utilize the best strategies. 

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

SEM is a form of digital marketing where you feature your business on more search engine results pages (SERPS) by using paid advertising strategies. 

With SEM, you’ll also want to hire an expert as well. An SEM expert will be someone who has worked with Google Ads and search/display ads and understands how they work. You’ll also want to teach yourself a bit about Google Ads as well. 

Thankfully Google has made it easier and easier by providing more customization options. You can choose whether you want YouTube video ads, in-app mobile ads, graphic display ads, etc. The best ads for you will depend on your business style and who your target audience is. 

3. Local Search Marketing

Local search, specifically in regards to Kansas City digital marketing, has become more important over the last few years. More and more businesses continue to learn the importance of getting found online, both by locals and by travelers from out of the area. 

It’s now easier than ever for your business to appear in local search results with the help of Google My Business. When someone searches for the keywords of your choosing, your business will appear in their search results. This means that your business will show up on Google Maps.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of attracting a targeted audience. The key thing to remember is that you want your content to be memorable and worth the time of those who are consuming it. This means creating content that solves pain points and remains evergreen – while avoiding any black hat techniques. Google’s all-seeing eye is there watching you. 

So the old saying continues to ring true… “content is king.” To use content marketing to its full potential, you should utilize a mobile marketing strategy, marketing automation, native advertising, and influencer marketing.

5. Remarketing

With attention spans being as short as they are these days, you can’t hook most prospects with your first ad. No, you’ll have to remarket that same ad to them several times in different places. This is called remarketing. 

The way remarketing works is that visitors are tracked through cookies, and your ads will be shown to them on other related websites.

So what are the benefits of remarketing? There are many. For instance, you’ll notice increased brand awareness, conversions, and engagement with prospects. You can also win your competitors’ customers, with a tasteful approach. 

6. Responsive Web Design 

Acquiring prospects from mobile devices is going to become the norm in the coming years. In fact, it arguably already is. Responsive website design will help you to capitalize on this trend. It will allow you to fit your website perfectly on as many different types of mobile screens as possible.

Thanks to responsive programming, it will include smartphones as well as smartwatches and tablets. 

You’ll need a web designer to help you make all of this work, but you’ll also need an SEO expert for help with AMP, which is another aspect of responsive web design. 

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common method of generating leads. But just how effective is it? The answer: very. Email marketing can generate more leads than any other marketing method, and it can help you increase sales and conversions. 

It’s also one of the most affordable methods of digital marketing, and the work can be outsourced quite easily and affordably with various email software options.

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8. Social Media Marketing

Everyone already knows what social media is and what it’s used for. How can we make our social media marketing even more effective?

Forbes has some ideas, including posting content when you know that your audience is reading. Tools such as Hootsuite can help accomplish this task. 

9. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is something that is intertwined in every single other digital marketing method today. Therefore having a basic understanding of it should become a top priority. 

91% of businesses today say that automation is very important to them. This should give you an idea of why you should care about marketing automation.

10. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the “super saver” marketing techniques (emailing, inbound marketing, and influencer marketing). 

An influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity. Any person who has a large following on social media and who has a good history of promoting products can serve the same purpose. 

11. Video

Over the past decade, the people of the US and indeed the world have become hungry consumers of digital media. This appetite has manifested itself most apparently in the form of videos. We’re reaching the point of no return where people prefer video content more than any other kind of content. 

Marketers are well aware of this fact, which is why 87% of all online marketers are using videos in their content.

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