Is WordPress a Good CMS for Non-Blog Websites?

WordPress logo on a screen

The common misconception is that only bloggers and individuals use WordPress. However, the truth is that several integrations make WordPress one of the best content management systems (CMS) for business and publishing. If you are in e-commerce, you will learn that WooCommerce can help you take customer payments and make your website into an e-commerce store. In fact, WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet!

Several big-name brands use WordPress to create their websites like

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Reuters
  • Time Magazine
  • Facebook
  • Sony
  • Disney
  • Target, and more!

You may be shocked, but there are several reasons that these brands use WordPress for their website. Not only does WordPress have extensive APIs, but it gives you and your employees full control of your website’s content!

Overall, WordPress has everything you need in a great CMS:

  • Flexibility
  • User-friendly features
  • Plenty of Free & Paid Themes
  • A Wide Range of Plug-ins
  • Built-in SEO and Blog

1. Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs

Sure, WordPress was initially built to facilitate blogging, but there are so many integrations with top websites that support a plethora of functions. You can use WordPress to create an eCommerce store, create a personal portfolio, design your social network, or broadcast videos. The sky is the limit with WordPress!

2.  User-friendly features

You can get your website up and running in less than an hour with WordPress. It is so easy to use that web beginners can create a simple website through a one-click installation through their Webhost.  The backend of WordPress is simple and easy to manage because it has an excellent user interface.

3.  Plenty of Free & Paid Themes

The reason WordPress is so flexible is that it offers a wide variety of themes that suit every style and function. You can choose themes that are for online- directories to one-page resumes. The best part is that there are many free, freemium, and paid themes that you can choose from to support your business goals.

4. A Wide Range of Plug-ins

While you can build a basic website with WordPress, you will find you need specialized features like payment processing or database lookup functions. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins that can help you get the functionality that you need. There are plug-ins for things like

  • shopping carts
  • contact forms
  • galleries and much, much more

Whatever functionality you need, you can likely get it with a WordPress plug-in.

5. Built-in SEO and Blog

You need your website to be found by Google if you want to reach your customers. In general, WordPress sites tend to rank high on Google for their keywords. This is in because WordPress is always being updated to include the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices and has many tools to help you optimize your content to rank well.

The other reason that WordPress is SEO friendly is that their themes are mobile-friendly. Having your website be mobile responsive is a factor in Google search rankings. Your website needs to look good on any device, and WordPress knows this. That is why they offer a variety of responsive theme designs.

Finally, WordPress has a built-in blog, so you can easily make content. The built-in blog feature is what will help you produce content regularly. WordPress also have a mobile app so you can publish content on the go! Even if you don’t use a blog, you can use the blog feature to add company updates or announcements.

It’s no wonder that a considerable number of companies use WordPress for content management. It’s so easy to use. If you are looking to build a WordPress site or need your WordPress managed or maintained, you can always reach out to us. We are happy to help you create an excellent website for your professional service business, local retail store, or medium-sized enterprise. Look at our pricing, and if you have any questions, fill out our contact form!