How to Use Web Design for Targeting Local Clientele

So you’ve started your website – awesome! This simple step is paramount for finding and attracting new clients. Your website is a place where potential clients can read about you, see the services that you offer, and contact you for more information. A web design agency can maximize the results.

Just as important as having a website is having people come to it, and more importantly, the right kind of people.

Salt Manage can help bring traffic to your website and actually capture potential local clients once they arrive.


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You might think it’s easy to convert visitors once they’re on your website, but as you’ll find out, it’s not so simple. If you don’t use the right web design to attract your ideal clients, then you may just turn them away.

Here are some tips for web design that you need in order to make those dream clients reach out rather than back out.


Who Is Your Dream Client?

A web design agency would say that a dream client is one who pays you in full, loves the work that you do, and wants to work with you. However, it goes deeper than that. You must also identify your target client or customer.

If you haven’t done that, then there is no better time than now. Define exactly who your dream client is, including their sex, occupation, weekend habits, number of kids they have, their business setbacks, social media platforms that they like to use and why, their favorite brands, etc. Anything you can think of that would allow you to get to know your market.

Take out a pen and paper and brainstorm as much as you can about that person until you feel like you know them as closely as you do your friends.

After you’ve done the above, you can implement the practical advice below on how to design your website to target your local dream clients.


Create Your Brand Message Statement

A good brand message statement should include information about what your business does, and for whom you do it.

Having this statement put front and center on your website’s homepage is necessary so that when a client lands on your site, they will know what you do right away.

Try to give it your own flair so that it doesn’t sound too generic and is unique.

If you don’t make it very clear what you do, many potential clients will either leave right away or try and search for it until they give up and go too.

You may also want to include your brand statement on more pages of your website, but don’t forget to include it on the homepage so that people can decide right away if they need your service.

Don’t be concerned about your message sending people away. In fact, if they aren’t the right kind of visitors then it’s a good thing. You want your message to attract the right type of people and repel the rest.



Creating Your Website’s Design

Yes, you will need a site design that’s attractive to your target clients, a brand message that’s front and center, and easy and clear site navigation. But let’s put that obvious stuff aside and dig deeper into the actual website design elements like images, fonts, and colors.

Rather than give a lengthy lesson on website design, we are demonstrating how your website design can attract your perfect client.

When it comes to colors, ask yourself:

  • What are their favorite colors?
  • Do they prefer a more gendered or neutral design layout?
  • Where on the spectrum of fun and professional do they sit?
  • Do they like a bright and fun display, or neutral and sleek?

It’s essential to create the design that will attract your clients to you, even if that’s not the design you would personally prefer.

Images are also crucial for your website design. You should choose ones that not only fit with your color scheme but also will invoke the right emotions in your potential clients. These images should contain people or objects that are relevant to your business.


Write Strategic Copy

To write the best possible copy, think about how your ideal client likes to talk in real life. What kind of words do they use? What sort of tone do they speak in, professional, corporate, or laid back and slang? A web design agency often has a team of writers than can provide this service.

Just like with your design, you don’t need to worry about turning away the wrong kind of client; you only want to cater to their interests – and lingo.


Improve Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio of your past work is essential to prove to clients that you’re legitimate and can do the work that you want to get paid for. Some people will also not even consider hiring a person without any previous work examples to show.

It’s also crucial that you optimize your portfolio to attract your ideal client.

The most important advice is this: don’t display the types of jobs that you don’t want to do again. If you do, you’ll attract the wrong kind of client!

If your portfolio is more results-based (like VA or Social Media Management), then it may be of interest to take on some cheap (or unpaid) work for your ideal client.

Design your website with your ideal client in mind. So, instead of thinking “I have to work for free to create a sample just to get hired,” think of it as a showcase.

You’re not just creating a free sample to get hired. You’re creating a specific kind of sample that will attract the best possible clients who won’t end up wasting time. 

Now take that energy with you, create a fantastic website design, and start attracting your dream clients!