The 6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

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WordPress is by far the most used and trusted content management system by almost 75 million websites. It is simple and easy to use but contains thousands of upgrades and plugins to develop high-quality websites for your start-up business, personal blog, or e-commerce store.

Unfortunately, creating a strong web presence also makes you vulnerable to hackers and other security threats on the internet. In fact, a study indicated that an average website could be attacked at least 44 times per day. 

Imagine having to deal with these threats without a good website management provider to help you? If one of these 44 malware or viruses managed to infiltrate your website, that could jeopardize your customers’ security and your entire business. Some of the things that can happen once your site has been breached include:

  • Steal private and vital data from your business and customers, including their name, address, and card number.
  • Delete all your website’s content or, worse, post inappropriate things that can hurt your reputation as a brand.
  • Directing your visitors towards a malicious website.

Fortunately, it’s easy for WordPress users to avoid these online nightmares altogether by installing security plugins on their websites. But the million-dollar question is, which plugin should you choose?

So, here are the six best WordPress security plugins for the security needs of your website. Skip the trial and error and just read below which plugin best suits your digital needs.


1. Sucuri

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is currently the best one out there and trusted by small and large website owners. Sucuri offers security services not just to WordPress users but also to several website platforms. Its free version allows WordPress websites to tighten their security by:

  • Automatically scanning and checking the site for malware and digital threats.
  • It monitors file integrity and ensures that search engines do not blocklist the site.
  • It lets you monitor your website activities on a dashboard and audits new changes made in it.
  • It gives security notifications when it detects something on your website. Plus, it is designed to harden your existing security measures, do remote malware scanning, and post-hack security actions.

Additionally, website owners who want advanced protection can also opt for the Sucuri Pro version. Some additional perks you’ll get include added website firewall, protection from DDoS, XXS, and SQL injections, and enhancing your website’s performance by blocking sketchy traffic.


2. Wordfence

Next is the Wordfence security, which is the second favorite of many WordPress-powered websites. Its basic version checks the integrity of your site and reports back the security vulnerabilities it found. 

Furthermore, it protects you from any threats possible—from bad URLs and spams to malicious malware and code injections. Plus, it has an integrated malware detection system that defends you from threats and enhances security by limiting login attempts and recommending strong passwords.

Upgrading to the premium version enables real-time firewall updates and malware signatures, plus real-time monitoring on hack attempts and the trail they left.


3. Malcare

With so many hacking threats out there, website management alone won’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need security measures and tools to protect your WordPress website, all of which Malcare can give.

One of the best features of this security plugin is its instant malware removal and auto-cleaning ability. Also, it’s easy to set up and takes less than 60 seconds to start scanning your website. Some of its other protecting abilities include the following:

  • Easy-to-access developer tools to further your site’s security measures.
  • It enables remote scanning and has a one-click malware removal. Plus, it can fix a hacked site in under a minute.
  • It detects even the most complex malware that usually goes undetected in other security plugins.

Lastly, Malcare also offers WordPress website management together with security scans and protection.


4. iThemes Security

Long-time WordPress users might recognize iThemes as a resident theme and plugin developer of the platform. Now, they upgraded their services and built a security system to protect your website from digital hackers and enhance your systems. Some of iThemes Security’s most prominent features include:

  • Brute force security measures by enabling a two-factor authentication login and strong password enforcement.
  • Backs up all of your WordPress content and data.
  • Does plugin scans, 4040 detections, and locks out suspicious IP addresses.
  • Notifies you through email about real-time scans, threats eliminated, and updates of your plugins.

With all the users that come and go to your site, you need another set of digital eyes to keep your site and users protected. iThemes may not have their own malware scanning system, but they use Sucuri’s malware scanner to keep websites safe.


5. JetPack

Another security plugin with a seamless interface is Jetpack Security. This is an excellent plugin for new and not-so techy WordPress website users since it is easy to use but offers comprehensive digital protection. Some of its best assets include:

  • Real-time backing up of all content, files, and changes made in your website.
  • Never encounter spam, malware, and threats by staying one-step ahead of them.
  • Real-time activity log informs you about the kind of threat received by your site and their specific actions.
  • It offers automated one-step plugins marketing tools to enhance website loading time, design features, and performance.
  • Includes one-click fixes and one-click restore after resolving a threat.
  • It has a Jetpack mobile app so you can monitor your website’s security through it.

If you’re looking for both security software and website management, then your best bet is Jetpack security since they offer both.


6. BulletProof Security

Don’t let Bulletproof Security’s appearance deceive you. They might not have the advanced design features as other security plugins do right now, but they do their job just fine. 

In fact, they even offer advanced features for free and have a reasonably low-priced premium version. So if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality security plugin, then Bulletproof’s your guy. Some of the features this plugin boasts are as follows:

  • Their very own malware scanner, firewall, anti-spam, DB backup, and login security.
  • Idle session logouts and protection from failed login attempts.
  • Quarantine threats and email you with security logs and notifications.

Lastly, it also has an easy-to-use wizard set-up and UI and UX settings for website management.