How to Write the Perfect Meta Description

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When people search for something on search engines like Google, numerous results pop-up. People check the description mentioned underneath the title of all the results. If the description matches the content they are looking for, then they are more likely to click on the result.

These descriptions are known as meta descriptions. They sketch out an informative preview of the content and the quality of the website to the visitors.

Back in the day, including keywords in the URL’s meta description was considered an important SEO ranking factor. However, today the importance of the description goes beyond just optimizing the snippet. This meta description persuades the searchers to choose your content over your competitors.  The more attractive and useful the description, the higher the click-through rates will be.

Here is a quick checklist if you are new to this hi-tech world and want to master the art of creating SEO optimized meta descriptions.


How To Write A Great Meta Description?

  • Watch your title length
  • Include your keyword naturally, but don’t overstuff.
  • Make sure you satisfy the reader intent
  • Always avoid repeated titles
  • Include a call to action, USP & all the marketing strategies
  • Use active voice
  • Make your descriptions unique and informative
  • Brand your titles
  • Let your descriptions do the talking


Let us talk in detail about writing a good meta description:


Don’t Overdo Character Count

Make sure the description does not exceed more than 160 characters. Only focus on the necessary information and don’t make it too short or too long.

Chop off the unnecessary detailing that may turn the user away. Portray your content accurately in terms of information, brand, and benefits, and you are set.


Use Suitable Keywords

Keywords play a vital role. Whenever the user searches for something, they will always click on the option that answers their query best.

Your description should include the keyword in bold. It will draw more eyes and make your website stand out in the SERPs. 

Pro tip: Make sure to include the keywords that you wish to rank for in the meta description; otherwise, the ranking of your page will fall.


Must Be Appealing

The description should be appealing enough to convince the user to click on the link. The description should provide a gist of everything present in the website’s content. Also, remember to make the descriptions specific, not generic.

If your description is not catchy, the user will find it very dull and monotonous. They are more likely to skip yours and move to the next website.

So focus more on creating an attractive description that attracts users. Also, try to include all the necessary details available on your page in the description.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keywords, as already mentioned, are vital, but make sure not to keyword stuff. If you think that using a keyword many times will improve your ranking, then you are mistaken. It may have an adverse effect on your rankings.

A title like “Meta Description, good meta description, or meta descriptions” will no way add value to your taglines; instead, it will make your content look spammy to the finders. Keep it unique and avoid repeating for more than two times at the maximum.


Avoid Repeating The Titles

It is imperative to have distinct descriptions for every page. If you are going to title every page on your fashion site, “Cheap Branded Products.” There will be no uniqueness to your taglines, and your website will automatically attract less user response.

Long titles with no particular content, such as “<Rock Band> – See videos, audio, posters, new releases, and reviews,” is also an undoubtedly lousy option.

Add variable titles specific to your sites and provide only that certain content on your site. It will attract more user responses.

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Brand Your Titles

Always imprint your brand’s impression in the minds of your visitors but remember to do it concisely. You can add your brand’s name or any other relevant information in your title. For instance, for a brand called Socialites, the title must be something like “Socialites, a Place for People to Catch Up.”

Add your brand’s name at the beginning or end of any tagline separated by hyphen, colon, or comma.


Add Proper USP

Including USPs like ‘Try it for Free,’ ‘Excellent Discount,’ ‘Discount Available,’ ‘Get Autographed Copies,’ etc., will increase your click-through rates.


Be Honest

The description has to align with the content of your site. If any part of your description differs from the actual content, then your rankings will decrease drastically.

For example, if you have written content on guitars, but your meta description talks about pianos, your SERPs’ ranking will fall.

The user will always desire something relevant to their query instead of all the generic content available across a wide range of platforms.


 Use Descriptions As A Marketing Strategy

Provide all necessary information such as price, model, specifications, etc. You can grab all the user’s attention in one go.

If the user is getting access to all the information required and clicks on your link without any second thoughts, then you have nailed the way to market your products and services skillfully.


Include Call To Action Taglines

Invite your users with some exciting taglines like “Imagine the latest collection available on your doorsteps with just a click away.” Or “Favorite collection back in stores at lowest prices.” Appropriately use your words to lure visitors.


Do Not Be Too Formal

Make your description talk to the user. Talk to them the way you talk to other people, and let your post solve their queries.


Final Verdict

Meta descriptions play a vital role in the SEO optimization of your website. They also give readers a quick summary of the website’s content.

It is the primary piece of information that reflects your content and helps to increase your website’s click-through rates.

Following the guidelines mentioned above, you can create high-quality meta descriptions for your web pages and grab all the internet’s attention.